Visual Arts

Art making is the perfect way to relax and express yourself! Felisia and Jamie are BASEC's majestic art mavens who like to make messes for a living. Visit this page regularly for new art adventures in painting, drawing, sculpture and animation.

We look forward to having you join us!

Felisia Sainz

Felisia has been with BASEC since 2017. She got her BFA in Illustration at Massachusetts College of Arts and Design. Since college she has been working on her own artwork and comics, curating for gallery spaces, and doing freelance illustration.

Jamie Meditz-Leonard

Jamie received her Bachelors Degree in Art Education from Molloy College and her Masters of Education in Community Arts from Lesley University. She has been with BASEC since 2016, and feels incredibly lucky that she gets to spend her days creating art with enthusiastic students!


Make art in the great outdoors! Use found objects and your imagination to create a work of art that is ultimately temporary. The joy is in the process!

The natural world has such incredible patterns that can be great for printing. The project uses such a lovely and easily accessible item; leaves!

Share a little bit of light and love with a personalized postcard to a dear one.

This game is a fun way of creating your own character as well as working on your parts of speech. Simply put together an adjective, a noun, and a verb to create a description of your character; Example "Comfy Kitten Munching."

Have you ever wanted to create your very own treehouse? Deserted Island hideaway? Hobbit hole? Let’s look at how we would make the blueprint for our own special home.

This drawing game is a great one to work on together as a family. Create a whole monster drawing together by taking turns at a drawing. What kind of monster will you create?

This drawing exercise is a really great way to channel your doodling energy. See how many patterns you can come up with and use as many different materials as you like.

Ever looked at a shadow and imagined something else that it resembled? Vincent Bal's shadow art is just that! Create and discover fun and silly images using light and shadows.

Why not make some art out of that cardboard you've got lying around?

In re-imagining our world through social-distancing, we can even re-create famous art through this lens.

Take those old magazines and repurpose them for a fun craft-style project!

External Resources

Explore the world of art from the comfort of your home! Take museum tours, read the diaries of your favorite artists, analyze famous works of art, and visit places you've only dreamt about!

(Recommended ages: 6+ years)

Learn to draw your favorite characters along with a real Disney illustrator! Choose from a variety of characters from Mickey Mouse to Jack Skellington.

(Recommended ages: 8+ years)

Illustration Friday is a weekly art challenge + blog with a lively, supportive online community that has been growing since 2003.

(Recommended ages: 7 - 15 years)

A resource for artists, art educators, parents, caregivers- anyone who likes to create! This site includes amazing lessons in a variety of art media from the perspective of an art teacher, but with very easy to follow instructions. Great for families who have self proclaimed artists in the house.

(Recommended Ages: 10+ years)