Sports & Movement

It is important to build a routine to stay physically active and move our bodies. Physical activity is an essential ingredient to maintain our health and wellbeing. There are many fun and engaging indoor and outdoor games and activities that students and their families can do from their homes and yards.

See below for activity instructions and links to external resources!

Danny MacAuley

Danny has been with BASEC since 2015. He has a B.S. in Sports Management from Adelphi University. He has previously worked for the New York Islanders and the PGA Tour, as well as serving as the Assistant Director of a summer camp for 4 years.

James Burke

James has been the Sports Specialist for BASEC @ Chenery since 2010. He has a degree in Psychology from UMass Boston.


  • Laundry Basketball (All grades)
    Turn cleaning your clothes up into a competitive game.

  • DIY Bowling (All grades)
    With this set-up, you can easily have your very own bowling alley in your own home or your yard! You can use water bottles or cups as the pins, and any ball you have available as your bowling ball.

  • Crackabout (All grades)

A BASEC classic, play an every-person-for-themselves version of dodgeball right in your own backyard.

Play one of our favorite BASEC games right at home! Try to make the other team’s yard as " dirty" as possible. You can play in your yard, driveway, or even indoors if you have enough room.

Enjoy a recess favorite modified for just the family to enjoy.

  • Color Toss (Grades: 1 - 5)
    Make your own colorful bean bags and see who can score the most points in a color toss game!

  • Fitness Tic Tac Toe (Grades: 2 - 8)

Take an old-time classic like Tic Tac Toe and learn how to create it into a fun-filled and energy-packed relay race version.

External Resources

GoNoodle hosts an abundance of movement games and activities that many students do in their classrooms at school.

Good Energy at Home is free and "gets kids active, offers quiet moments for focus and calm, and provides tons of ways for kids and families to learn, bond, and have fun."

(Recommended ages: 2 - 10 years)

Aimed towards elementary aged children, Cosmic Kids is a website with a full library of videos that teach kids yoga. Videos can be as short as five minutes to as long as a half hour. Lots of their videos are themed to different franchises (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pokemon, etc.) to attract children who might not have as much of an interest in trying out yoga.

(Recommended ages: 5 - 13 years)

Phys Ed. Games is a great website that provides a wide variety of game ideas. You can sort through games by interest as well as by age range. All of the games give you a description, a list of materials required, and a video that shows you how to play.

(Recommended ages: 5 - 13 years)

The home of Physical Education resources, games and ideas; making teaching PE simple, fun and engaging.

(Recommended ages: 6+ years)

A little bit of mindfulness goes a long way. Here your kids will find fun, inspiring yoga and mindfulness programs containing 5-minute videos as well as creative, thought-provoking printable worksheets.

(Recommended ages: All ages)

As part of NBA Together, “Jr. NBA at Home” was launched. It is an interactive content series providing basketball skills and drills featuring NBA and WNBA players that can be completed individually and in limited space to help young players around the world stay active and develop their game in a safe and healthy way.

(Recommended ages: 8 - 12 years)