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What are BASEC Remote Learning Pods?

BASEC Pods offer in-home small group remote learning support to students in grades K-8. This program is designed to offer individualized support to students during synchronous and asynchronous remote learning.

Our teachers leverage their expertise in executive function support to help students build routines with remote learning, with an emphasis on time management, organization, and problem solving.

BASEC Pods can be customized to meet almost any weekly scheduling demand. The rates below are organized into two categories: aligned or alternating cohort schedules. An aligned schedule means that all participating students share remote learning schedules; alternating means that for long stretches of time each week only part of the pod is in attendance at a time. Because of the wide variety of needs and situations, we have built our program to be flexible--please just let us know what works for your family!

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Aligned Cohort Schedules

1 Student: $33.00 per hour per student

2 Students: $17.00 per hour per student

3 Students: $13.00 per hour per student

4 Students: $10 per hour per student

5 Students: $8 per hour per student

Alternating Cohort Schedules

1 Student: $33.00 per hour per student

2 Students: Approximately $22.00 per hour per student

3 Students: Approximately $16.00 per hour per student

4 Students: Approximately $12.00 per hour per student

5 Students Approximately $10.00 per hour per student

Exact pod schedules are customizable.

Alternating cohorts include students with varying schedules; therefore the actual number of hours of participation may vary from student-to-student.

All rates above reflect a 1-month minimum commitment.

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BASEC Remote Learning Pod FAQ

What ages do students need to be to participate in BASEC Pods?

Students enrolled in grades kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible to participate in BASEC Pods.

What is the difference between "aligned cohort" and "alternating cohort"?

An "aligned cohort" is when the group of participating students are all assigned to the same cohort. In this case, pods will meet for a partial week.

An "alternating cohort" is when the group of participating students are partially assigned to different cohorts. In this case, the pod will meet every day of the week to accommodate for the opposing schedules.

What are the schedule options?

BASEC Pods are scheduled for half or full support, and exact hours vary based on the school day and cohort schedules of the participating students. Half day support is approximately 3 hours per day, while full day support is approximately 6 hours per day.

It is possible that there may be varying schedules depending on the grades and schools for which students are enrolled. To accommodate for this, BASEC Pods can be customized to fit participant needs.

Do I need to form a pod group myself?

Yes! BASEC has received a special license to offer in-home academic support to Remote Learning Parent Cooperatives. This special license requires that parents collaboratively organize their pod groups and hire BASEC to implement academic support.

Interested in joining a pod, but need support connecting with other families?

Please let us know if you are looking to join a pod, and we can add you to our shared parent list. Please email with details on what you are looking for!

What are the space requirements to host a BASEC Pod?

  • Provide space(s) in your home that is large enough for students and teacher to properly social distance

  • Designated space(s) must allow for quiet academic engagement and be relatively distraction free

  • Students must have access to reliable WiFi

  • Bathroom access for students and teacher

  • Designated space(s) must be free of hazardous materials, and should be deemed safe for students and teacher

Although it is not required, we strongly recommend that hosting families have access to outdoor space for screen breaks and lunch breaks, weather permitting.

I want to split the cost with another family; how can we do that?

We request that split payments be coordinated among participating families. Due to the special licensing, we are required to collect payment from one family, preferably the hosting family.

What do I need to do before my child can participate in a BASEC Pod?

  1. Once the pod is organized, the hosting family must complete the host intake form

  2. Fill out a BASEC Pod waiver & consent (sent by BASEC) for each of your participating children.

  3. Complete a 20-21 enrollment form (sent by BASEC).

  4. Schedule a time to meet your pod teacher, walk through space and ask questions

  5. Communicate with the hosting parent and finalize drop-off and pick-up plans.

  6. Complete our daily health check form before drop off each day

How is BASEC ensuring the safety of students and teachers?

BASEC takes safety very seriously, and abides by all guidelines outlined by the CDC and EEC. Below is a short list of our core safety measures

  • Health checks are required of families and staff daily. Our daily health check asks that families self report on symptoms, potential exposure and travel. These are reviewed before students arrive onsite for their pod. If something is reported that raises a concern, there is immediate follow up that results in clearance OR exclusion until cleared by a doctor.

Additionally, we ask that students who are otherwise ill be kept home until well enough to attend programming.

  • All participants must wear a clean face mask at all times, unless eating or taking a mask break. Eating will be done outside when possible, and with as much space between students as possible. Mask breaks will only be observed outside or when students are able to to adequately distances

  • All participants will observe social distancing, with 6 feet as the stand, and 3 feet as the minimum. Teachers may offer hands on support as needed, and will always wear a mask when within 6 feet of a student. Hosting families must provide space that allows for adequate distancing.

  • All participants will be encouraged to regularly wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer. Hand hygiene is built in to the day during breaks and transitions.

  • All staff have been trained on COVID-19 safety policies and use of PPE.

What should my child bring to BASEC Pod learning?

  • Clean face mask that covers nose and mouth

  • Electronic device used for remote learning

  • charger for electronic device

  • headphones

  • headphone splitter

  • Binder with paper

  • Additional school supplies needed to complete daily assignments, such as pencils or markers

  • Packed lunch and snacks

  • A full water bottle

We ask that students bring the above items in a backpack for safe keeping