Performing Arts

Practice theater at home to develop a love of words and physical awareness with your kids.

Young actors can explore emotion through character-play, hone their comedic timing, and collaborate with siblings in group performances.

Here are some games and activities to get started from BASEC @ Burbank's resident theater nerd!

Elyse Brown

Elyse is an actor and educator from New Hampshire with a love for travel and dance. An MFA Physical Theatre graduate from Accademia dell’Arte (Arezzo, Italy), she taught workshops and worked with theatres in Czech Rep., Germany, and Italy. Elyse is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with BASEC’s inquisitive students and teachers!


Take the classic pastime of fort-building and expand it in ways to include comprehensive character development.

Gather a small troupe of actors and favorite picture book to embark on this active storytelling activity.

Pretend to be employees of an advertising company and get creative in the ways you sell products to customers; a game part of the "Yes, and..." series.

Bus Stop is a fun and simple improv game that some BASEC students might already know. It’s great for all ages; whether you’re an experienced improv-er or new to the art of making stuff up on the spot!

Grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare for a theatrical performance while wearing your comfiest jammies! Afterwards write a creative review about the performance.

External Resources

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