What is BASEC?

The Belmont After School Enrichment Collaborative (BASEC) is a community where children in Belmont learn, play, and grow.

BASEC brings together Belmont, MA out-of-school programs and vacation programs to develop creative, resilient, resourceful, and responsible youth. Our goal is to foster self-confidence through enriching programming, support and education that will contribute to each child’s social and emotional development.

When schools closed across Massachusetts, BASEC launched its virtual learning community, BASEC @ Home, in order to stay connected to its families and students. Since March 30th, BASEC has offered over 800 enriching virtual experiences to its community.

As of September 21, BASEC is offering at home pod support for remote schooling, keeping your students engaged and honing executive function skills. Go to Remote Learning Pods or contact annie.gladfelter@belmontbasec.org for details.

Is there a cost to register for virtual workshops? Are virtual workshops free?

With the exception of a few workshops that require a materials fee, virtual workshops are FREE for students who are registered for 20-21 BASEC After School. You must still register your student for workshops they wish to join!

For all other students, there is a cost per workshop. Workshops range from $70 to $100, depending on material cost. Material packets are included and will be available for pick-up. Please check out specific pick up details listed on the workshop registration page.

Thanks to generous donations from our community, we were able to offer virtual programming completely free from March 30th to September 3rd, 2020.

We believe that children and families who need access to our programs should have access to our programs. Over the past 5 school years, we have provided nearly $320,000 in tuition assistance to qualified families and regularly work with parents, school administrators, and the district to ensure that families facing special circumstances are able to access our programming. For more information, please contact BASEC’s Executive Director, Andrew Mountford by email: andrew.mountford@belmontbasec.org.

If you would like to support offering our classes at no fee to families who may not be able to participate otherwise, please click here to make a donation.

Is my child eligible to participate in BASEC's virtual programming even if they are not a BASEC student?

Yes! BASEC @ Home was created to provide virtual programming to the Belmont community and beyond. Virtual workshops and tutoring are open to local students in grades 1-8.

What do I need to do before my child can participate in virtual programming?

All participating students must have a signed consent form on file before their first class.

If you are new to virtual programming, please be sure to visit our Virtual Learning Participation page to review the following:

  • Direct Notice to Parent for Online Services

  • Privacy Policy

  • Code of Conduct

You must register for workshops your student wishes to attend (even if you are enrolled in 20-21 After School.)

If I sign my child(ren) up for a virtual workshop, do they have to attend every class?

No! We understand that students may have other commitments or vacations planned. Students are encouraged to attend classes as they can to maximize their experience. However, our teachers will work with students to bring them up to speed after a missed class.

What is a virtual workshop like?

A typical class is approximately 1 hour (with some classes occasionally running slightly longer) with a welcome and review at the start. Students are given time to engage with each other before jumping into the lesson, usually in the form of a structured discussion or ice breaker. The activity or lesson is typically 45 minutes long, allowing students time to share their progress with their peers at the end.

For younger students short breaks have been built in to help them stay engaged during the whole class. Short breaks include reading a story, movement, or mindfulness exercises.

How do I register my child(ren) in virtual workshops?

Please visit our virtual workshops listing to view all of our offerings. There is a form at the bottom of each workshop page where you can register and check out.

Virtual workshops are included in tuition for students enrolled in 20-21 After School, however you must still register. When checking out, select “Yes” for the question “Does your child currently attend After School on [weekday]?” to receive the discounted price. You will still be charged a $1 registration minimum per workshop, which will be refunded by BASEC. We apologize for the inconvenience!

After we have reviewed your registration and confirm that we have a consent form on file, we will share the Zoom details to join the workshop.

The workshop says "materials required". What does that mean?

Before your child's first class, be sure to check if materials are required to participate (most art and STEM classes do!) and arrange to pick up the included material packets. These details are listed on the registration page, and a confirmation of pick up dates and times will be sent to you after registration.

If you have questions regarding class material packets, please email Ellen McEllin at ellen.mcellin@belmontbasec.org or call 781-296-2471.

Help! I can’t log in to my child’s class!

Please make sure you are using the correct Meeting ID and password!

Still can't log in? Email us at info@belmontbasec.org!